3D Virtual Booth/虛擬場景立體呈現 TE“智造”

Green shoots have emerged in the international economy and we see an acceleration in further development of the IIoT and in the rate of a smart transformation of Industrial Industry. TE has been committed to providing local expertise and agility that help our customer implement IoT and intelligent manufacturing strategies and will continue to invest in its local presence in China.

The 2021 TE Industry (China) Virtual Show is now live! Head over to the Show to experience and explore more in TE’s industrial world together.

隨著全球經濟逐漸復蘇,疫情常態化促進工業互聯網進一步發展,工業產業智能化變革加快。在工業物聯網與智能製造浪潮下,TE Connectivity (TE) 持續加深本地化佈局,以中國為先進製造業據點,助力全球工業數字化轉型,開啟更安全、可持續、高效和互連的未來工業。金秋九月,TE推出了以“賦能產業升級,智連工業未來“為主題的線上工業虛擬展會,期待您的“光臨”,共同探索TE工業世界。

3D Virtual Booth/虚拟展厅多维呈现TE“智造”

  • Visit Virtual Booth to engage with live events. It will also serve as an asset library of resources and information to learn about product & application solutions featured throughout the show.
  • TE深入参与不同领域的工业应用,赋能工业低碳智能转型。我们的虚拟展厅360°展现了四大领域的最新解决方案, 其中包括“伺服电机连接解决方案”、 “工业机器人连接解决方案“、“仓库自动化连接解决方案”和“铁路连接解决方案”等相关系列产品。